BHT Antioxidant

Butylated Hydroxytoluene

Chemical Identity:
Butylated Hydroxy Toluene (BHT)
4-methyl-2,6-di-tert-butyl phenol
CAS# 128-37-0

General Information:

Trade names: Agidol, Ionol, Naugard BHT, Vanlube PCX, CAO-3 Antioxidant, Lowinox BHT.

Butylated Hydroxy Toluene (BHT) is a
manufactured antioxidant (preservative) commonly
used in plastics, rubber, petroleum products, foods,
pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

BHT, is the most prevalent and approved antioxidant in the world. It is known to be effective and safe in a great variety of hydrocarbon-products. BHT has been approved for use in foods
and food packaging in low concentrations by the Food and
Drug Administration (FDA). In Europe it is well known antioxidant under E321 index.  As an antioxidant, BHT preserves organic materials by reducing the effects of time, heat and light.

BHT is generally manufactured by
reacting para-cresol and iso- butylene in the presence of an
acid catalyst. Alternatively, BHT is prepared from 2,6-di-tert-butylphenol by hydroxymethylation or aminomethylation followed by hydrogenolysis.

Some common uses of BHT include: Plastics—Comprising over 65% of the worldwide application of BHT, plastics require the BHT antioxidant to stabilize the polymer during processing and protect it throughout the service life of the finished product. It is recognized as safe and is approved for use in plastic food containers and wrappings.  Rubbers & Elastomers—BHT is a non-staining, non- discoloring antioxidant and is used in conjunction with other antioxidants in white and light-colored rubber products. Lubricating & Specialty Oils—BHT is an effective stabilizer and antioxidant for synthetic oils and fluids such as cutting, spindle, hydraulic and slushing oils, transformer oils, transmission fluids, and brake fluids. Industrial Fats, Oils & Fatty Acids—BHT prevents the development of rancidity in animal and vegetable fats and oils.  Bio-Diesel Fuel Blends—BHT is an effective antioxidant to prevent rancidity in bio-diesel fuel
blends at concentrations of less than 0.1%.  Linseed, Soy, & Other Plant-Derived Oils— BHT is used in various plant-derived oils as an antioxidant for industrial uses such as printing ink bases.  Printing Inks and Coatings— BHT serves as an anti- skinning agent in paints and inks.

BHT Technical Grade

It is used in technical application: manufacturing of wide range of polymeric materials and rubbers. It is a heat stabilizer for polyoefines, polystyrene, thermoplastic glue, coatings, ink; it protects lubricating and transformation oils, petrol, different type of fuel from oxidation.

BHT Crystal Grade

BHT Feed Grade

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